For many people, summer means a slowdown in work and more time spent relaxing. But if you’re at a small law firm, or own a solo law practice, now is the time to position yourself for success in the fall. If you’re serious about improving your SEO to get more clients and position your firm as an expert solution provider, this 3-step summer tune up is for you.

By following through on these 3 steps, you’ll be taking your law firm into the fall ready for growth and success. So sit down, get out your notepad, and let’s get started.

#1) SEO tune-up

The first two things you’re going to do before we even look at your website are to ensure your Google My Business profile is setup properly and up to date, and that you have no penalties or errors in Google Search Console.

Once that’s done, log into your website, and install Yoast SEO plugin. While it doesn’t completely cover your SEO needs, if you set it up and use it properly, it’ll put you ahead of at least half the competition.


#2) Commit to blogging

Now, you’re on track for better search engine optimization in the fall, let’s take advantage of that. The best way still to improve your ranking in Google’s search results while positioning yourself as a solutions provider who can help prospective clients is to blog; and do it regularly! To get started, you’re going to create an editorial calendar  that outlines what blog posts you’ll be writing and how often between now and the end of the year.

Now don’t worry about blogging weekly. While more is better, it’s consistency that is key. If you can get a blog post out every two weeks, commit to that, if you can only do it once a month, then commit to that. As long as you stick to it, you’ll be ahead at the end of the year (by anywhere from 12-24 blog posts). If you’re stuck for ideas, think about questions people, both prospective, current, and past clients, normally ask you. There’s your topic for a blog post.


#3) Implement an email capture

So, we’ve improved your SEO, committed to a blogging schedule with your editorial calendar, what now? Much like blogging to leverage on the SEO improvements, we are going to implement an email capture on your law firm’s website to complement your upcoming blog posts and higher ranking search presence on Google.

Have you ever been on a website, reading an article or blog post, when a box shows up asking if you want to subscribe to get more content like the piece you’re reading? That’s an email capture, and while it’s a thin  line between being spammy and being effective, the results of having a properly implemented email capture speak for themselves.


Ready for success?

That’s it, that’s your law firm’s summer tune-up. If you follow through on these three steps, you’ll be ahead of the competition, coming into the fall ready to get more client. The great part is that these 3 steps leverage your current website while increasing the effectiveness of the time and resources you invest into digital marketing and your law firm’s online presence. If at any point you get stuck, or want help, feel free to tweet at us on Twitter or email me via our contact form. Now go grow your practice!



Co-founder at BridgeTac
Combining his digital marketing and analytical skills, Jeff is an expert in designing and implementing sales funnels for law firms.