Web Strategy for Law Firms

Building the right message for the right audience

Get More Clients

Which Law Firm Are You?

New to the Market

  • We Need a Strategy
  • We Want to Start Off Strong
  • We Need New Clients, Fast
  • We Don't Want to Waste Money
Establish Our Firm

Stuck in Place

  • Our Competition Is Increasing
  • The Phone Never Rings
  • Our Leads Aren't Converting
  • Growth Has Flatlined
Renew Our Firm

Ready to Dominate

  • We Want Exponential Growth
  • Our Current Marketing Isn't Working
  • We Want to Add Associates
  • We Want to Dominate the Next Level
Own Our Market

Is your current web strategy supporting your firm’s goals?

Do you rank well with popular search engines? Are potential clients successfully navigating from your content to your contact page? Are you proud of the professionalism and material presented on your site? If the answer to any of these questions is no, your strategy isn’t working.

The BridgeTac Strategy


Determine strategy problems and overhaul existing content.

Build search engine structures to improve ranking.


Target leads and bring them home.

Web strategy that brings new clients through your doors

What we offer is simple. We provide a one-stop service that will overhaul your existing content, rebuild it in a way that is effective and engaging, and then target the audience you want. If you’re not drawing in the right audience with the right message, you’re falling behind.

Are you ready to take your firm to the next level?